Perspectives on the Medical Model and Natural Healing

Changing times require a balanced approach to proactive problem solving.

Changing times require a balanced approach to proactive problem solving.

This article was previously published in the Western Canadian Newspaper and all rights are reserved. If you choose to copy and share please reference Coralie Raia’s Writing  Road as the original source.

By Coralie Darsey-Malloy

When you buy a pill

and buy peace with it…you get conditioned to

cheap solutions instead of deep ones.

–Max Lerner

It is becoming increasingly evident that our health care system needs healing. In the past, modern health care has been largely devoted to pathology management of sickness caused by our own “civilized living.” This contemporary model has been built upon a contagion theory of disease. Within this paradigm, a supposed return to health is pursued through a ‘fight against harmful outside influences’ and the totality of the individual is left out. Emphasis is placed on diagnosing diseases by addressing patient’s symptoms. Within this diagnostic approach, the “owner” of the body and their part in the disease process is often excluded. Looking at illness from this perspective personal power and self-responsibility is often given over to the health practitioner rather than remaining with the individual.

I have been working in the communication field since the early eighties and my focus is health and wellness. I wear many hats literally and figuratively as a freelance writer, author,  public speaker, life coach and group leader.  There are continuing advancements and greater acceptance of complimentary and preventive health.  There are increasing numbers who are seeking a more holistic approach to their health problems than settling for symptom relief.

The emerging consciousness in health and healing has a different framework for managing illness and disease. Allopathic medicine has a specific perspective and tends to approach disease as the enemy. This method creates an air of hopelessness and helplessness and asks the salient question “Why me?” As an alternative health, problems are viewed as something self-created by a lack of understanding about natural principles. It asks, “Why now, and what needs changing?” This approach is corrective, optimistic and empowering rather than antagonistic, overwhelming and fear-based.

True healing requires a multi-dimensional approach. Within new frontiers in health and healing, there is a convergence of body-mind-emotion-spirit and energy. This direction is epitomized by some new hybrid sciences with pioneers Candace Pert at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She spearheads research in the biology of emotions. Her approach is called psycho-neuroimmuology or PNI. She specializes in researching   biological interaction within blood chemistry and the correlation with mind, emotion and beliefs influences physical health.

Whole Person Healing includes balance within the wheel of life.

Whole Person Healing includes balance within the wheel of life.

Others in this field include the Symington’s, and Dr. Bernie Siegel. They worked with cancer patients and discovered that neuron-peptides within the body are carriers of information. The concept within the biochemistry of emotions developed through studies that revealed how positive images and affirmations raised the immune system’s white blood cell count.

Studies with patients who were unwilling to accept cancer as a verdict coupled with strong determination to overcome their diagnosis had a higher survival rate that those who gave in to resignation. Pioneering doctors within the whole person healing movement have come to accept that seeming ‘miracles’ are often a direct result of the patient’s shift in consciousness. Physicians and psychological specialists report that in their experience catastrophic disease often serves as a call that patients need to examine other aspects of their life and how they had lived it prior to their illness. Those who are willing to consider the benefits of whole person healing methods provide new support for the body’s defense mechanisms. Every doctor admits that they do not heal the body…the body heals itself. The best any practitioner can hope to do is create the proper environment for that to occur.

This approach addresses root causes, lifestyle, attitude and more over masking through symptom relief.

This approach addresses root causes, lifestyle, attitude and more over masking through symptom relief.

In North American society mainstream medical practices of symptom relief and management has been at the forefront. However, it is still a relatively new modalities compared to healing systems of old. Chinese medical practices have a far greater record of success than the modern approach of treating symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of disease. In ancient China, physicians were paid to keep people well. When patients became ill…all reimbursements stopped until full health was restored.

Chinese doctors work with patients to restore balance and energy to the body so it can heal itself. Their approach was and still is very holistic. They teach patients the ‘art of living’ by encouraging balanced, accountable living, moderation in all things, sound nutrition, proper breathing, positive thinking and supplements only as needed. They use acupuncture as a means of creating proper energy flows within the innate life force or ‘chi’ within the body.

Health is not a right...but a responsiblity through blanced living,

Health is not a right…but a responsiblity through blanced living,

This is a radically different approach than the ones taken in modern medicine. This term is based upon the principle of counter-action: using medicines to impede or reverse unwanted symptoms. The preventative and holistic approach to health and healing is like an umbrella that includes a variety of methods. Instead of masking symptoms and ignoring root causes it looks for deeper and inter-related connections.

With the modern approach to intervention, it is similar to seeing a red light on the dashboard of a car. The mechanic chooses to sever the connecting wire, the light goes off, and the driver carries on in blind faith that ‘symptom relief’ has fixed the problem. However, we all know what kinds of crisis that occur down the road. Using medication to mask the symptom may work for a while…but eventually the problem will come back…because it never really went away. Within this approach, there is no need for thoughtful, accountable choice making because temporary discomforts have been assuaged.

Drug Therapy Treats Symptoms Not Underlying Causes.

In Ancient China physicians were ony paid when patients remained healthy. This is radically different than the drugs for symptom relief in the medical model using perscription drugs.

In Ancient China physicians were ony paid when patients remained healthy. This is radically different than the drugs for symptom relief in the medical model using perscription drugs.

The significant difference within whole person healing is that there is a call to living a more aware, accountable life and considering the consequences of choice every step of the way. Whole person healing emphasizes restoration of balance in every area of life and a willingness to give up, alter or exchange detrimental life patterns for those that will lead to health within body, mind, spirit, emotional and energy fields. Awareness, accountability, choice and consequence are the main co-factors within new frontiers in health and healing. It is up to each of us to decide what path will lead us where we want to be. Listed below are some of the key themes within each system:


This book discusses a process of seeling sickness with drug related symptom refief over responsible self-health choices to support the body so it can heal.

This book discusses a process of seeling sickness with drug related symptom refief over responsible self-health choices to support the body so it can heal.

ADVERSARIAL: Disease process is treated by symptom relief within terms that reflect adversarial nature: “military rhetoric used to describe problem: “germ warfare, attack, fight disease, battle against, build defenses, etc.”

DISEMPOWERMENT: Treatment is based on the professional’s mind-set. Outside authorities “manage” disease. Patients are expected to follow dictates without question. “Them” versus “us” approach. Alternative or holistic approaches usually discouraged and/or rejected.

EXTERNAL CAUSALITY: Disease-orientated approach. Focus is outside the patient, Viruses, bacteria, poisons, cellular degeneration, things ‘growing’ separation of mind- body-emotions-spirit.

INTERVENTION AND SUBSTITUTION: Drug therapy, injections, treatments are geared for interrupting, altering immediate reduction of symptoms. “Cures” are approached through labeling, controlling, reducing or destroying symptoms creating the disease rather than considering contributing factors that created it.

ATAVISTIC: Considerations to lifestyle, attitude stressors, family dynamics, body, mind, emotional states are usually excluded from the cause and effect of disease and health problems and illness of any kind.

DISASSOCIATION FROM NATURAL WORLD: Disease is viewed as an assault from outward influences with little consideration given to other contributing co-factors.


Whole-Person-Healing Uses Different Applications for Health and Healing from the inside out. Co-factors influencing individual choice-making.

PROACTIVE, PLURALISTIC: Emphasis is placed upon awareness, understanding, acceptance, self-reliance, prevention, education, informed choice making, fitness, and responsibility

BEHAVIORAL, INNER DIRECTED Illness and disease are a process and inseparable from the patient. Awareness develops about the co-factors of diet, livelihood, relationships, stress, attitude, habits, beliefs and their effect of health, well-being and quality of life.

EDUCATIONAL AND EGALITARIAN: Focus on long-term results and removal of root causes. Patient and professionals work together and emphasize awareness, accountability and action. Their aim is for long-term results through whole person healing and spirit-mind-body unity.

TRANSPERSONAL: Embracing loving relationships seek unity and support from others…spiritual awareness and search for universal dimensions in life. Practitioners are receptive to the healing power of love, prayer, pets, ceremony and life-affirming belief systems.

CORRECTIVE, CO-OPERATIVE, MULTI-OPTIONED: Seeks diversity of healing modalities from doctors, patients, therapists, families, support groups as therapeutic team members that work together. Thoughts, language suggests choice, empowerment, self-responsibility, unity and positive outcomes.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Includes the importance of clean, unpolluted air, water, food, and connection to the natural world. The fundamental premise of an environmental framework emphasizes the importance of balance and creating the environment for the body to heal. Rather than masking symptoms through artificial additives.

Using discernment and information to choose a health care team and understanding their roles.

Using discernment and information to choose a health care team and understanding their roles.

Empowered, vibrant, relilient health is possible...but it requires self-responsibility rather than masking symptoms and avoiding the root cause of disease.

Empowered, vibrant, relilient health is possible…but it requires self-responsibility rather than masking symptoms and avoiding the root cause of disease.

CD Creative Ventures on Pinterest has a variety Healthy Living Boards and here is one of them for additional ideas:

A Whole Person Approach to Healing Fibromyalgia

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Of one thing I am certain…

 The body

 is not the measure of healing

 peace is the measure.

–George Melton

The specialist pokes and prods then inquires, “Does this hurt? How about here — and here?”

My response,  “Ouch! It hurts all over.”

He sits down then says, “That fits with the syndrome all right. Get dressed and I’ll be right back.”

These points are how professionals make the initial fibromyalgia diagnosis.

These points are how professionals make the initial fibromyalgia diagnosis.

After the examination, the rheumatologist told me I had a chronic muscle disorder, fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), which is as common as rheumatoid arthritis and can be even more painful.

The term fibromyalgia comes from fibro, for fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments: my, indicating muscle: and algia, meaning pain. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, varying degrees of anxiety, depression, irritable bowel, vision problems, tension and migraine headaches. Fibromyalgia may also involve difficulty concentrating, light and environmental sensitivities, irritability, mood swings and insomnia. It is to the “hurt-all-over” syndrome because of the widespread body pain and stiffness.

The doctor went on to explain that there is no cure but she offered me a course of treatment including muscle relaxants, low-dose antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain pills, sleeping pills and physiotherapy. I said I needed time to consider my options. I left with a firm commitment to finding a more natural way than taking all these drugs.

Taking Charge of my Recovery

In my work as a life coach, I encouraged others to look for causes rather than just make symptoms with drugs. Looking at my health challenge from this perspective made it difficult for me to believe that fibromyalgia is manageable but not curable. Members of the group seemed to define themselves by their fibromyalgia. As watch and listen participants seem resigned to a life of chronic pain and debilitating fatigue that worsens with age. Whenever a health problem comes into my life, I take a proactive approach. After leaving, one of the meetings I chose not to return and decided to use tried and tried self-health methods and whole person healing. I severed my association with them and carried on with an even stronger resolve.


After the appointment, I reject that idea, go home and start researching what some call “fibro” for short. Initially, I joined a fibromyalgia support group and gathered some useful information, but left after a short time. Most of the participants were more interested in managing rather than curing their disorder and that did not work for me. I live with the idea that more often than not the “incurable” aspect is the umbrella doctors’ use when they do not have other options.

Individuals with fibromyalgia frequently have a type-A personality. They are perfectionists, neat, compulsive, organized, time-oriented, tense and precise. I frequently overdid things and found myself feeling discouraged when flare-ups occurred. I world experience painfully tight muscles, lack of mobility, chronic insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, mood swings and extreme fatigue. However, I knew that one’s attitude toward pain makes a difference. So rather than mask symptoms or lapse into feeling sorry for myself, I decided to allow this condition to become my teacher.

Lessons in Balanced Living

David and I work together gathering information about the disorder and making proactive health plans for a full recovery. The fact that the physicians refer to it as a “syndrome” gave us hope. I go back to my yoga practice and the stretches and deep breathing is theraputic. Prayer, meditation and journaling provides insight and spiritual clarity. As an incest survivor, I knew childhood problems were likely contributing to my disorder.

David provides useful feedback about the cause and effect of my behavior and how overdoing it creates a flare up. Through time, we both concluded that fibromyalgia is as much a pacing disorder as a physical one. This realization was a major breakthrough. Through his eyes I could see my lifelong pattern of overdoing and overreaching.


Over the years my growth process assisted us in creating a self-health model called the Inner Dynamics System. It is based on the principle that the outer aspects of life mirror the inner landscape. Awareness, accountability and action are key aspects of empowered living and it was time tomake self-accountable choices for my health and well-being.

My next spoke in my healing wheel came with the energetic healing art of Reiki. It is powerful, non-invasive healing art that facilitates the energy flow to body tissues and promotes body/mind/spiritual/emotional baance.  The sessions created a dramatic difference that I  become a practitioner and used the techniques daily.

Reiki is a natural healing art that assists the body in releasing blocks and opening channels for the body to heal.

Reiki is a natural healing art that assists the body in releasing blocks and opening channels for the body to heal.

To support my body between the self-treatments  I use magnetic therapy. Magnets open capillaries and increases blood supply to weak and inflamed areas. Long hot Epsom Salt soaks were soothing to sore muscles and ligaments.

How Magnets Work

Regulating Sleep

As a sexual abuse survivor I had alifelong pattern of insomnia. The inability to sleep soundly  exacerbated  pain and stiffness. A naturopath suggested a combination of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy,  herbal relaxant, lavender essential oil on my feet and sleep-enhancing tea.  I began reciting the prayer of serentity to asist me in releasing the buzzing brain syndrome. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Training my over-active brain to still points was challening.  quiet has been quite a challenge.  During the early stages of the diagnosis, I was learning some invaluable lessons in the importance of balace and pacing.

Developing the ability to relax into deep restful sleep reduced th symptoms dramatically and energy levels increased. Through time I was strong enough to cross-train and it includes  light free-weights for strengthening ands and freeform dance.

Using a variety of methods for healthy living and whole person healing.

Using a variety of methods for healthy living and whole person healing.

Supplements and Diet

When I discovered that antioxidants help fibromyalgia, I increased the amount of vitamin E and C and included grape seed extract as well. A combination of ginkgo balboa and hawthorn helped clear the fibro-fog and improved my concentration. The herbs eyebright and bilberry improved my vision. MSN, glucosamine (GLH) and chondroitin have all but eliminated pain and inflammation, and improved the strength and flexibility of my muscles and ligaments.

The Naturopath changed my diet and I had to eliminate  nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and peppers). They contain levels of glutamates can create inflammation for those who have a sensitivity,  Some foods increase the number of parasites and yeast in the system and he put me on an eating plan without white bread and sugar.

I discovered the cleansing properties of liquid chlorophyll, acidophilus and sage tea with clove and added them to my regime.My diet was clean and I did not injest  hydrolyzed protein, mono sodium glutamate (MSG) or aspartame.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a car accident in 1991. Within a year I was living pain-free and the balanced living methods have supported my body ever since. Return visits to the doctor and physiotherapists indicate that the trigger points are not inflamed and I live symptom free. As long as I respect my body, pace, stay warm I remain healthy and strong. The diagnosis and required lifestyle changes were daunting at times.

However, the exprience gave more than it took because I learned how to live within my means in every level. Had it not happened I would probably be living my Type A-hard driving life without the the respect for my body that I know have.  I continue to believe that in the end health is a persona responsibility and not a right. In many cases healing has little to do with medicine and as the Naturpath wisely pointed out medical model cannot heal us. We need to create the environment for the body to heal and with that approach it often does.

I learned this and so much more. I share the lessons, training in my book  entitled it I Have Been There…A Testimony of Hope (  David and I share a commitment to assisting others in their quest for radiant health and empowered living.  Check out the website for our personal development company Fresh Beginnings website at

With my personal experiences with fibromyalgia I refused to accept that it is incurable. This previously published article shares my road to full recovery.

With my personal experiences with fibromyalgia I refused to accept that it is incurable. This previously published article shares my road to full recovery.

This article was originally published in my column Perspectives on Healthy Living in the spring 2008 (Volume 15—Issue 1) of The Aquarian, ( I received permission from  The Aquarian Magazine to share my published articles.

Natural Flu and Cold Remedies


–By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Previously published in the Aquarian newspaper and all rights are reserved.

During cold and flu season people are considering natural alternatives to heal and balance their systems. In my own healing journey and from working with clients in my life-coaching practice, we sugges a variety of self-health methods. My mentor, Dr. George Kroeker always stressed the importance of body balance.  Whenever illnessess occur, it is preferable  to use whole person healing applications  over external  symptom relief. system so it can heal itself.

Widespread outbreaks of influenza usually occur from October to March. Colds and flu germs are spread  by contact and exposure from  by  an infected person. Viruses can be a concern but the majority of people who come down with them recover within a week or two. The doctor I see says that although many believe in the efficacy of vaccines, they do not guarantee protection against the flu and sometimes cause more harm than good. This may be especially true this fall as rushed production allows less time for safety testing.

Whenever clients  at Fresh Beginnings call us and ask  for natural cold and flu options  we  caution them about self-medicating with over the counter medications. Many of the pills and hot lemon drinks contain the same active ingredients and can overload the system. It is advisable to consult a health practitioner before self-prescribing over-the-counter remedies. Given that there are no known cures for colds and viruses,  the first recommendation is to minimize exposure and strengthen your immunity as the best way to stay healthy. Here are some of my “perspectives” on healthy living and flu prevention:

The Basics

• Sleep as much as needed. The immune system functions much better with seven to nine hours sleep for optimal health. When the body is fatigued, it is less able to ward off viruses and infections.

• Exercise moderately on a regular basis.

• Avoid sugar. Even small amounts of sugar can impair immune function, leaving you more susceptible to the flu.

• During cold weather, indoor heating systems dry out the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. It is important to keep them well hydrated by drinking more water. Using indoor water fountains or other methods to improve humidity, especially in the bedrooms, makes sense.

• Germs and viruses enter through the eyes, nose, mouth and, possibly, ears. Therefore, it is  important to avoid exposure and wash hands  frequently. It’s also advisable to carry a hand sanitizer and use it after shaking hands or touching handles, payphones and doorknobs. A naturopath told me that coating the inside of the nostrils with sesame oil could help to prevent germs from entering the body.

• If you are sick, stay home to recover and to prevent spread to others. Muffle coughs and sneezes with the crook of the elbow rather than using bare hands or tissues. When tissues are used, dispose of them immediately and thoroughly sanitize the hands.

Giving the body time to heal is important and avoding contact with others prevents spreading whatever you have to others.

Giving the body time to heal is important and avoding contact with others prevents spreading whatever you have to others.

• Relax and maintain a positive attitude. Too much stress has a negative impact on health and mental well-being. Meditation and creative visualization  reduce stress and calm.

• Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol depletes B vitamins, impairs liver function and creates greater susceptibility to infections. You might want to add a B-vitamin supplement to your regime.

• Avoid smoking, including second-hand smoke. Cigarette smoke dries out the nasal passages and paralyzes the small hairs in the nose and lungs that help ward off viruses.

•Whenever possible take advantage of infrared or steam saunas. The air in saunas is too hot for viruses to survive; thus steam and infrared saunas cleanse the system and provide immune boosting effects. However, people with heart conditions should consult their health care practitioner before using any form of intense heat therapy.

•Essential oils and aromatherapy support body systems. Clove has antiseptic properties applying it  to the feet  provides a measure of protection.  Lavender is calming and uplifting. For more information on the efficacy of aromatherapy key word them and do an internet search.

Young Living is just one of many essential oil companies offering aromatherapy oils. Check the internet for other reputable sources and do your own research.

Young Living is just one of many essential oil companies offering aromatherapy oils. Check the internet for other reputable sources and do your own research.

During consultations with clients at Fresh Beginnings, we also suggest a variety of flu-fighting, immune-boosting, and nutrient rich foods such as:

• Dark green, red and yellow vegetables and fruits. These are packed with healthful nutrients.

• Fresh, raw or lightly cooked garlic has strong, natural antiviral properties.

• Green tea over black teas.

• Cayenne pepper is filled with vitamin A and acts as a catalyst for herbs and vitamins.

• If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it is advisable to supplement the diet with  yogurt or acidophilus capsules. It will replenish friendly bacteria in the bowel.  in the course of treatment.  It is particularly important when antibiotics are given for secondary bacterial infections.

• Echinacea is a popular cold and flu remedy especially if taken early, before symptoms worsen.

• Vitamin C and zinc lozenges beneficial, especially zinc gluconate and zinc acetate.

Colds are Another Matter

Although the common cold is usually milder than the flu, it is still worth looking after. If you ignore symptoms and try to keep going as usual, it can turn into a worse illness. If you have underlying medical problems, it’s especially important to pay attention. Here are more ideas for self-care:

• At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with ½ teaspoon salt in warm water.

• Saline nasal drops as well as steam inhalations with sage, chamomile leaves, menthol and eucalyptus can help clear sinuses.

• Whenever early symptoms of a cold or flu appear, put two tablespoons each of dried sage leaves and whole cloves in a large pot and make a tea. Sipping it can soothe the throat and help fight infections.

• Vapor rubs, hot water bottles and soaks in a warm tub with one to two cups of Epsom salts can provide steam to stuffed nasal passages and relief for sore aching muscles.

• Lozenges with menthol, eucalyptus, honey and lemon may soothe an irritated throat.

• Tissues with moisturizers can help prevent sore skin around the nose. Lip balm soothes chapped lips.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal remedies and acupuncture) can effectively bring the body back into balance.

• The following is a favorite  cold remedy of ours. It  provides immune boosting and cleansing properties.  If it is too strong,  dilute it or reduce ingredient portions in the next round.

4 C. water

2 T. fresh or ground ginger

½ t. cayenne

1 whole head of garlic

2 quartered lemons (wash first, rind on)

Maple syrup or honey to taste

Simmer 20 minutes. Add ½ cup of mixture to ½ cup warm water or to taste.

Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy is a freelance photojournalist, life coach, group leader and public speaker and can be contacted through the Fresh Beginnings website, or at the website for her book at


Sourcing out natural cold and flu remedies supports the body rather than masking symptoms.

Sourcing out natural cold and flu remedies supports the body rather than masking symptoms.

Self-Health Choices for Healthy, Dynamic Living

By Coralie Darsey-Malloy

Everyone wants independent choice…
whatever that may cost…and wherever it may lead.

–Fyodor Dostroyevsky

When I began my quest for health and wholeness in the mid-eighties much of what has gained mainstream acceptance was considered ‘fringe new age thinking” and viewed with suspicion or flatly rejected. When David and I met in 1990 I made his head spin with my concern about the free radicals and the high glucose factor in his diet. I rambled on about that and the importance of low fat, moderate carbohydrate diet and using food combining as a way to lose weight.

There were many that just patted me on the head and admitted that it all sounded a little too weird for them at the time. Now these ideas have been accepted and utilized by many because they are endorsed by researchers. The growing emphasis on healthy living has created less polarity within formal medicine and complimentary healing systems.

This trend has already started towards more sensitive patient care with a multitude of options that were not available even twenty years ago. The emerging changes in preventative health and wellness techniques can and does compliment today’s precision diagnostic services. Inevitably, professional patronizing, and obscure terminology will give way to cooperative educational approaches, and client-orientated therapies. Future medicine like future world politics, will increasingly acknowledge choice making and empowerment of the individual.

Even before these changes are fully implemented, there is much we can all do to optimize our health. Eating less and eating well are basic premises of preventative self- care. Avoiding the known health hazards of smoking, alcohol, fat, sugar, caffeine, salt and processed foods are another commonsense approach. Breakthroughs in health care reveal that many of the diseases and ailments being treated by symptom relief alone can be readily overcome with social and lifestyle changes.

A long, healthy life is a reasonable expectation under most conditions, and self-reliant health care involves one’s authority over their right to choose what they determine is best for them. As the paradigm of whole-person healing continues to evolve, the knowledge it brings not only liberates it unites people as well. Today personal fitness and healing practices once considered outlandish are gaining mainstream credibility—because they work. Large corporations are underwriting relaxation and stress management courses to reduce employee absenteeism. Insurance companies offer financial incentives to non-smokers and aerobic dancers. Healing in the 21st century will witness the final convergence of science, psychology, body, mind and spirit.

As the science, medicine, the biology of emotion and thought, humor, health and healing attitudes are promoted as a plausible option to symptom relief, drug therapy, invasive procedures there will be more inclination to become well informed before choosing any course of treatment. New attitudes and modalities provide much hope in the form of simple, yet powerful whole-person self-care systems.

They are often equally or more effective than prescriptions and are cost effective, encourage self-responsibility, do no harm, educational, fun and provide positive outcomes! So the good news is…there truly are many ways to achieve health, wholeness and abundant living for those willing to explore options and think beyond symptom relief with prescription drugs rather than assessing core issuers and complimentary healing systems.

Some of the systems we value in our “self-health” care include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Chiropractic Care, Supplementation, Energy Work, Massage and of course regular exercise, meditation and keeping life in balance.

We always remind our clients that good health is not a right but a responsibility. When we decide to live long and live strong and take the appropriate steps to do so healthy, dynamic living into advanced years truly is possible.