Fostering change and the positive ripple effect

Art of Living BEAUTIFUL

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

During this time of challenge and change, the rapid influx of information is opening people’s minds and assisting them in re-framing old perceptions. The mainstream media presents perspectives in broader terms, thinking outside the box and considering different ways to evaluate humanity’s place within all of creation. The natural ‘ying/yang’ within the cosmic dance includes both male and female aspects of the Divine. Within this equal but different aspect, there is balance without stereotypical definers.

The old systems are changing and do not apply in the same way they once did. In our view, we are here to think beyond existing parameters and think more critically about the old archives and the long list of rules and regulations and books filled with the opinions about what is right/wrong. It is time to ask some questions and decide what is valid for who we are and where we are at any point in our soul development. Who are these authorities? Who makes those rules?

The more enlightened thinker commits to reducing inner and outer noise. With a quiet mind, it is easier to access spiritual clarity. From this place, we are able to grow, thrive and change from the inside out. My hubs David and I are seekers and do not limit our beliefs with specific structures or systems. Instead, we are choose to open our hearts and minds to divergent belief systems and choose ideas that are based on love, honor and respect for differences whether we agree or not. As we get ourselves out of the way focusing on loving more and allowing Source to support our intentions in a perfect way under Grace. Consequently, we know there is no ceiling to how good life can be.

Within the wide range of people, we interact with through our personal development company Fresh Beginnings ( it is clear that we are all students and teachers to each other. Within the energetic vibration of unconditional love and acceptance, it is easier to learn from different cultures and creeds and accept that there is more than one way to become human BE-ing rather than an outwardly directed human DO-ing

Being in sacred partnership with my hubs David, we keep coming up with thoughts about the importance of remaining mindful and conscious as much as possible throughout the day. This process assists in releasing judgments, expectations and misconceptions about Self and others.

In our view, it is a futile goal to attempt to fit in if it is not true to who we truly are. It is stifling, frustrating and unfulfilling. During times of global change, humanity is moving beyond conditioned existence and looking ways to transform ones inner world and heighten awareness. This evolving dynamic creates a ripple effect that inspires other people to cut limiting ties that bind.

Each time anyone becomes more enlightened it contributes to the collective consciousness. The positive ripple effect resonates with each contributor. It is our hope and prayer that increasing numbers will continue to foster an attitude of gratitude, an ability to honor human rights and freedom of choice that allows people to live free without causing harm to others. This dynamic reduces the “isms” of sexism, racism, dogmatism, ageism and opens the way for humanity to seek, create a maintain neutral ground. Within this space of mutual respect proactive problem solving becomes easier.

~♥~ ~♥~ ♥~ ~♥~