Butterflies as Messengers

This photo is the last one of my mother. Her birthday was Christmas Day and David and I had picked her up from the personal care home she was in to take her our for dinner. We put her in front of the angel/butterfly lights to serve as a reminder to us that her time was near and she would be getting her wings in the not too distant future. She passed away just over four months later on April 20, 2005.

When we were packing her things to remove them from Riverview Personal Care Home I found this poem. It brought tears and a flood of mixed emotions. Within my grief it felt like a message to Mom’s loved ones that she had safely made her transition to another realm and is flying free with her own wings.

She raised me with a love for butterflies as a spiritual metaphor for humanity’s various stages of development throughout life. There are many periods where we cocoon before our emergence into each phase of enlightenment and heightened awareness. This love of butterflies is the reason we chose them as he logo for my book I’ve Been There…A Testimony of Hope (www.ibtbook.com) and our personal devellopment company. As has been said about butterflies…just when the caterpillar’s life is over…it becomes a butterfly.

Mom and her wings


–Author unknown

 If anyone desires a wish to come true

whisper it to a butterfly.

Butterflies do not make any

sounds and cannot tell–

anyone but Great Spirit.

 By making a wish

then releasing it to the butterfly–

on gentle wings

the wish will be carried

to the heavens—then granted.

For butterflies

are the living messengers

of  Great Spirit.