Attitude of Gratitude Journals

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude assists us in seeing the good in all things.

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude assists us in seeing the good in all things.

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy


My mother was a great role model and throughout life, her attitude of gratitude became an inspiration to me. She also encouraged me to write my thoughts, feelings and ideas in journals. Having a gratitude journal is something I continue to this day/. They are a constant reminder about the simple, abundant blessings that come our way every day.

Rather than taking them for granted during the fast pace of modern life my attitude of gratitude journals keep me mindful…and grateful for bountiful blessings. They are also an inspiration during challenging times.  With daily entries about what IS working over what feels daunting it is easier to cope. I believe hope whispers during the times we are tempted to give up or give in. With an attitude of gratitude, it is easier to remember that every stage of life has a beginning, middle and end and difficult passages do as well.

After my mother died with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2005, I am grateful for the gift of breath. As long as there is life and breathe…there is hope. When I had knee and hips problems a few years ago, I put on weight and could not maintain fitness levels.  I applied a number of complimentary healing systems lost 40 pounds and got in shape.  The regime assisted me in a lifestyle where I now feel fit and fabulous as I age. The ability to maintain an active lifestyle is something I regularly add to my gratitude journal. A friend of ours lost her ability to taste and smell after a childhood disease and the ability to savor nourishing food is another daily blessing.

Sight and sound…what would life be like without them is a question I ask. I am thankful for those senses.  They are gifts that keep on giving. I often consider the challenges many face when their eyesight or hearing is impaired. 

Now I include being married to my best friend, doing meaningful work that we both enjoy and being self-employed in my gratitude entries.  I am also grateful for the rural community we live in, our home, pets, and friends on and off-line.  In a world filled with tragedy, loss, upheaval and suffering I am always happy and grateful to read or hear about everyday heroes making a positive difference for those in need.  They are reminders that even in the face of war, hate, violence, fear and instability there are many who continue to work towards peace and provide love and light within the shadows of uncertainty.

In our group and private life coaching sessions, we encourage clients to create gratitude journals. It is a proven method and assists in developing awareness about the blessings many of us enjoy.  The ability to maintain a positive focus creates positive energy and attracts more of what we hope to manifest while making the journey to the destination pleasurable and fulfilling.