Butterflies are free as are we with spiritual metamorphasis

Hope, change and transformation

Butterflies Are Free


John Welcher

Innocent from the beginning, never knowing a hateful thought

slowly shedding their skin, a moment of wistful beauty is caught

escaping into subtle softness, as they prepare for first flight

naive notions of contentment, only a poetic glimpse of this sight

Random fluttering takes place, no apparent rhyme or a reason

searching longing for the right path, journeys into all of the seasons

meeting others of their kind, tho none seem to spark an interest

singular thoughts keeping apart, feelings of love still very listless

Traveling so very far, sharing their splendor with all that they meet

brief glances of their beauty, images that make us stop and think

wondering why they are there, wonderment of the time they have spent

knowing them only for that moment, their departure so very imminent

Maybe there is no explanation, their behavior just for them to realize

simple life for a simple creature, is plenty for them to memorize

timeless beings always in our hearts, forever there so the mind can see.