Goddesses, Gender Balance and Equality

This symbol represents the balanced flow of energy in shadow, light, masculine and feminine. One cannot exist without the other and balance between the two is the ideal.

This symbol represents the balanced flow of energy in shadow, light, masculine and feminine. One cannot exist without the other and balance between the two is the ideal.

Embracing the Feminine and Masculine Divine Equally assists humanity in achieving inner/outer balance, peace and harmony.

Embracing the Feminine and Masculine Divine Equally assists humanity in achieving inner/outer balance, peace and harmony.

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

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In my view of Goddesses, they are the female aspect of The Divine that holds equal power. The Feminine Divine reveals her energy in a gentle, receptive way. In the symbol of Yin/Yang Goddesses are the receptive, inner aspects whereas the Yang and masculine energy directs energy outward.  Balance is central to yin and yang. The Tai Chi Tu presents these energies in a circle of balance. The circle illustrates a point on the point on the other side where one side equalizes the other within life changes.

The Yin/Yang symbol is a reminder that anyone can develop the skills to remain in balance and live in this world…but not “of” it.Taoist texts speak of “living life in the round.” The “round” refers to the circle, which encompasses the yin and yang energies. Living life in the round” means being comfortable with the flow of energy as it passes through one phase and then the other. Knowledge of the cyclical process of events liberates us from an unbalanced view of the world.

Balance is central to yin and yang. The Tai Chi Tu presents these energies in a state of balance. The Divine order within creation involves balance and applies to gender equality.  When that is absent with emphasis on male dominance problems arise. Historically China and India have aborted female babies and consequently there is a shortage of women to marry. Gender and spiritual equality assists men in women in their respective ability to work together and create new generations. Similarily, Yin and yang transforms each othe like the undertow oceans. The ebb and flow advances and retreats and the rise and fall of energy is a natural process.

In nature, seeds sprout and grow upwards. This process is the yang movement.  Once it reaches full potential, it retreats and the roots grow in darkness and eventually seek like and the process begins again.

It is a similar process with the interconnection within the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Embracing both aspects within one’s spiritual development assists both genders in reaching higher potentials, balance and inner harmony.  Within changing social norms anyone having difficulty accepting strong empowered women are ones who see them as equal.

In my view, patriarchal religions refusing to accept the roles Goddesses throughout have an innate difficulty with female power. After divorcing my first husbandin 1970 Gloria Steinem, Helen Reddy and Helen Gurley Brown were poineers in the Feminist Movement.After growing up in a male dominated family with a an enabling mother their message of equality provided nourishment for my empoverished spirit. It was my first awakening to equality and how strong, empowered women can also embrace their innate feminine power.

A few years later, I began a quest to understand the historical roots of Goddesses and the significant roles they play in other cultures from then to present time. The spiritual teachings and energy within the Divine Feminine is gentle within the Power and continues to guide my path. With a higher comfort, level under my own skin there is greater opportunity to experience inner shifts and expanded thinking. The Divine Feminine fostered a sisterhood with other women and soul sisters along my discovery trails.

The Feminist Movement inspired and continues to inspire women around the world to work together for the common good of the all. The original focus states the intent of equal rights for all without gender bias. The Feminine Divine energy balances. It gently guides men and women to explore the full range of their humanity without censuring either aspect through outside definers. Embracing the Feminine Divine does not emasculate men or have them more like women. Rather, the goal is to have both genders strong and empowered as they balance the Masculine and Feminine Divine within.

After studying the historical and spiritual significance of Goddesses and their role in many religions around the world, they are conspicuously absent in the three main religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The feminine aspect of the Godhead in Hinduism and their doctrine s underscore the power and purpose of Goddesses.

I am a self-avowed feminist and so is my husband David. We are also pro-women pro-men and are activists for human rights and gender equality. After growing into my own power through the feminist movement, the focus of my writing reflected the importance of women taking their power back. As we do so there is a balancing effect and David and I believe in the efficacy of equality for the greater good. e David understands and accepts their importance in the spiritual development of both genders and we work together sharing this perspective.

Looking at history (“her-story”) and the roles of Goddesses makes for intriguing study and research. For us it is on going. Once women…and men open to the powerful gifts Goddesses bring they enjoy a greater sense of wholeness that comes through the subtle grace of the Divine Feminine within. All of humankind is all a cell in the body of Goddess and She dances with our every breath.

Feminism is not a rebellion or a revolt. Rather, it promotes the truth that people are equal and are entitled to basic human rights. Although hmanity has come a long way since the Feminist Movement started it is clear that acceptance of women in power and the norm over the exception is still not there.

David and I walk our spiritual paths in quietness and plant seeds about the significant roles of the Divine Feminine. We post on social media, write and produce course material with this perspective in subtle ways. We are confident in the knowing that both genders are opening to softer, gentle energy and in our view that is the evidence that Goddesses are here and there time to be heard will come. At that time gender, race, creed, culture and religious acceptance will become the new order. Respect for differences is the key to meeting on common ground and developing unity and consensus through respectful dialog whether we agree or not.

Whenever anyone heals their life and feel whole it is easier to look back, ahead, move forward and live a more conscious life. Personally, my spiritual journey with Goddesses continues to uplift, guide, heal and inspire me to live the best life possible. I have more energy to give back to others in nurturing, compassionate ways and I am thankful for Her presence in my life every moment of every day. The transformational re-births while standing on firmer ground.

The energy of Goddesses assists us in seeing beyond what pain is and what it brings forth. That allows us to grow, emerge and fly free like the beautiful butterflies we are all mean to be. The balancing aspect of embracing both the Masculine and Feminine Divine removes bias and assists with the acceptance of differences in others. With the blessings of the Divine Sacred Mother, we are free and express more of whom we already are rather than comparing, judging or justifying.

In my healing and spiritual journey, I am at a place where I know I am more than just a woman as are others. Within the respective roles of mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, beloved or friend there is a sisterhood. The ability to open to Divine Goddesses assists us in connecting to the Oneness. The perceived differences that once created polarized thinking and positions dissolve within the light and love of Source-Centered awareness.

Within my personal and spiritual healing journey, it is clear that each person is an important part of a co-creative force. It consistently seeks self-expression and we are the conduits.  Human beings are a Divine spark and conduit for Creator’s energy. I respect those who choose to gain wisdom and develop spiritually in a male dominated doctrine but it never fit for me from a very young age. The questioning mind wondered where Mrs. God was…and now I know. Within my spiritual emergence, it is clear that I came into this life at this time in a female body for growth and transformational change.

As a woman, I am in the position to nurture and assist others in discovering the power, beauty and love within the Goddesses and their unique energetic imprint. There is growing awareness of the importance of the Divine Feminine and her more prominent return. She is here to assist us through changing times and difficult passages. She knows that intransient polarizing positions are counter-productive.

For humanity to move forward we all need to work together for the highest and greatest good of the all. The Great Mother energy is nurturing, wise, courageous, strong and empowering. Those of us embracing her power wield energy as spiritual warriors using swords of intent to cut through ties that bind us to outdated mindsets rather than using violence in self-serving ways. . The activation of the Goddess within is an awakening. She is here to liberate, emancipate and assist us in the ascension process of thinking that is more enlightened, living and BE-ing.

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