Cause, Effect and Clarity

Whole Person and Balance Wheel

Whole Person and Balance Wheel

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Clarity and Integration

Our work in the personal development field involves a whole person approach to healthy, dynamic living. We encourage the people we work to assess their life in a wheel with different spokes where their energy glows out from their core essence. It is difficult to have a good quality of life when the body, mind and spirit are out of balance. When any aspect of the self is creating discomfort, it interferes with the ability to fulfill one’s life purpose or to channel energy in creatively satisfying endeavors.

After years of working as a life coach, group leader and motivator, it is clear that the cause and effect of choice making influences every level of life. The relationship between vibrant, radiant whole health and degrees of sickness and disease is immense and complicated within the constant interplay between the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic fields. The process of becoming healed and whole begins with inner attunement. Everyone has an inner pilot light and it assists in awakening us to what is…and is not working in life. All change begins with awareness. With mindful attention to the internal and external details in life, clarity develops.

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