Embracing The Divine Feminine

IMG_4101 (2)goddess472GoddessPoem

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.

–Gloria Steinem

I started opening to Goddesses and energies within the Feminine Divine and their emerging presence in the mid eighties. This Blog post shares some of my insights in my soul path discoveries with Her in my spiritual and personl growth. Opening to Goddesses continues to assist me in walking my sacred path with ease, balance and flow. The bountiful blessings increase as my alignment with the Feminine Divine grows. Their gentle presence is very different from the dogma and patriarchy in my exposure to religion early life where God was the only choice in searching for a connection to Infinite Souce. At this stage I believe male and female Deities are equal with different attributes.

To keep the channels open, my day begins daily self-care practices. Journaling my path with Goddesses is one of the ways I enhance my commitment to shining with divine feminine radiance. Expressing the Feminine Divine enhances intuition, feeling into things, nurturing plus receiving. Comparatively, the masculine is action orientated, logical and analytical. I use the feminine to perceive needs then balance that with the masculine action to outwardly direct my intentions and create the best life possible at any age and stage.

As I focus on the Divine Feminine Her gentle guidance assists me in getting out of the way so it is easier “allow”the flow of Source-centred energy.There are three practices that support this intent. Journaling is one, as is sensual joy in how I dress, walk, dance and move. There arealters throughout our home with Feminine Dieties. Their visible presence are reminders of their special attribues. Pleasure and sensual enjoyment with David keep the my body, mind and spirit in alignment to the Divine Feminine. Reading books and using Goddess oracles inspire and continue to raise the energetic frequency.

Journaling and oracles focuses attentioin on desires and our larger life purpose. While journaling I energetically align to the blocks that keep me stagnant and removed from the flow of life. Diarizing thoughts, feelings and spiritual epiphanies are part of my gratitude practices. In this way I remain thankful and aware of the manifestation process in action and how my desires are being fullfilled. It is a direct communion with the Divine and makes the rest of my day holy and scared.

Within these precious moments I discovered that one cannot be impatient with the Divine Feminine. She is all thing and exists outside of time. Her presence is felt when She is ready and not before. Once we begin to open the channels she hears and feels the love and respect, nourishment and support. As the connection grows she offers that back…and so much more. In my experience the alters, oracles and offerings draw Her closer and augments the energy exchanges.

There is no ceiling to the love and support Goddesses provide to those who embrace her. My husband David is open to the Feminine Divine within his spiritual beliefs we both feel the balancing effect. Holding the masculine and feminine within assists us in expressing the full range of human emotions without gender stereotyping.

The feminine IS the core of creation that is LOVE. She and the Great Mother are one and the same. Every woman instinctively knows that she is at the center of thegreat mystery of bringing life into the world and how there is a sacred transformation of light into matter. Every woman intuitively knows that nothing can be born without the feminine.

The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without Her presence. With our Celtic roots we have an affinity wih Goddesses and their Divine roles. With many religions the dogma was written by men and the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and mass thinking. The feminine represents the felt and unseen and nurtures and opens hearts and minds through greater intuition. It also encourages heart-centered living and loving through compassionate sight.

My feminine practices support me in being the juicy, delicious, vibrant women that I am. What new practices can you bring in that will support your transformation and personal empowerment? As we allow the feminine influences in we are more able to become the butterflies in transformation that we already are. Emerging, growing, changing while revealling our true colours from the inside out. Genunine, open and free to fly ever higher and stronger with our own wings.

The simplest and most basic meaning of the symbol of the Goddess is the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of female power as a beneficent and independent power.
–Carol P. Christ

For more information about Goddesses and the Feminine Divine check out our Blog: http://goddessesandthefemininedivine.blogspot.ca/
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or follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmbracingDivine

This is a video David and I created to illustrate the role of the Feminine Godhead and female deities. With a respect for diversity embracing the Feminine Divine provides another perspective to soul growth.

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