Body Dynamics~Loving and Accepting our Bodies

Loving and accepting the body I have and feeling fit and fab as I age.

Loving and accepting the body I have and feeling fit and fab as I age.



–By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Whenever I observe magazines and entertainment programs showing images of women with altered images of their appearance, size and shape it reminds me to keep it real.  The average woman cannot morph into those skinny images. It is unhealthy to lock the mindset into limiting self-perceptions. Young and old alike often develop distortions that lead to eating disorders and faulty perceptions about body image.

In my youth, I took a modeling course and pursued a career in the fashion industry.  The constant exposure to unrealistic expectations about beauty led to discontent about the height, size and shape of my body. I am five feet two inches and in an attempt to compensate for what I perceived as an inadequate height I tried to compensate by starving my body to a low weight.

It took years for me to change the old conditioning.  Thankfully, those challenges are far behind me. These days I place greater emphasis on remaining healthy, strong and fit over skinniness. In the process of re-framing perceptions about the importance of size and shape, my husband and business partner, David Malloy and I developed the Body Dynamics System~Your Body is Your Buddy. Our model provides the tools to transform limiting beliefs about the scale, weight and size. It also assists clients in loving and accepting the bodies they have healthy weight management program that assists clients in reaching a place of acceptance about the body they have. The Body Dynamics System provides practical tools that assist clients from the ‘inside out’ over outwardly driven fixations and image management. Clients using the  Body Dynamics System stop chasing after an image that may not be right for them and move into a place of self-acceptance and confidence in the body they have.

The Body Dynamics System assists clients in discovering underlying attitudes and beliefs about their self-perception about weight, size and body-image concerns.

The Body Dynamics System assists clients in discovering underlying attitudes and beliefs about their self-perception about weight, size and body-image concerns.

For more information about the Body Dynamics System for healthy weight management check the page link on the Fresh Beginnings Personal Development Website for this course.

I was able to overcome my unhealthy and destructive coping mechanism and overcome two eating disorders by looking at the root causations. Within my pathway to discovery I came to the realization that the size, shape and appearance of the body has little to do with the essence of the person inside.

During my healing journey to health and wholeness I learned how to love and accept the body I was in. It is the starting point we all need to have. Accepting it does not translate to liking where we are but it is the needed start point to facilitate change. From that point I shifted my priorities and chose to focus on being healthy rather than pressuring myself to lose weight or measure my worth by the scale. That ephiphany was a milestone for me and set me on my current path of healthy, dynamic living.

This approach is the foundation of the Body Dynamics System. This format is the one we present in our private and group life coaching sessions. Once clients understand and accept that the outer is a mirror to their inner landscape they begin to take their power back. With consistency and perseverence they create positive, life affirming changes that last. Loving and accepting the body frees up a tremendous amount of energy.

Societal changes reveal a rapidly expanding population of baby-boomers. The fixation on image-management shows within a culture that pursues youth with some articial approaches and plastic surgery is one of the highest paying specialties in medicine. If one is clear about their reasons for having work done then it usually acheives the desired goal However, if the expectation is not realistic it can lead to further discontent.

With our healthy weight management program, we offer ways for clients to focus on the enhancement of the bodies they have. As they change and re-frame their expectations, it is easier to release the need to force the body to fit the unrealistic ideas within media hype and advertising ideals.  In my view, life is a journey of learning to love and accept ourselves. Once that is in place, it is easier to extend it to others.

Once we achieve that level of self-acceptance the mind is free from encumbering limited perceptions of worth based on appearance. After choosing to cease adhering to the limiting dictates of the media I develope my own “mojo.” Now I choose to wear what feels good on any given day. I am not a fashionesta and proud of it. Women who develop their own style are the ones I respect. Jumping on bandwagons to follow the crowd is of no interest to me.

Being true to oneself is liberating! The same principles apply to the needs of my body over know anything anyone else says. It has a voice with wisdom. When we listen and hear the body guides us to what it need to heal and restore balance. At this age and stage of life, I enjoy being fit. Exercise is not a chore…but a feel-good experience.  So much so that I have another Blog that presents ways to remain fit and fabulous as we age.The link is:

Although the aging process continues we can remain strong and resiliant through balanced, healthy living. At one point, I did not want to accept the lines and wrinkles on my face and considered other options. I view them and my gray hair as reminders that I am feeling younger than my age and that is all that matters. With a strong, fit and fabulous body that supports me along the road of life, the external appearances are secondary to health and vitality from within.

Without our physical bodies, we are in another realm. After everything, I put my body through in my youth I am grateful that I am strong and healthy. Although David and I are not “young” in actual age, we are successfully “youthing as we age.” Our focus intentions involve the love, acceptabce and respect for the bodies we have. Consequently, we are thriving rather than surviving as we move into the advancing years. In our personal and professional experience we know for sure that age is just a number. One’s real age is determined by the quality of life they have, activity levels and attitude.

Everyone needs a starting point that begins with self-acceptance. The Body Dynamics System supports the "whole self" and assists clients in their transformational growth process from the inside out.

Everyone needs a starting point that begins with self-acceptance. The Body Dynamics System supports the “whole self” and assists clients in their transformational growth process from the inside out.

In our private and group facilitations, we consistently remind clients that good health is not a right. Rather, a responsibility requires mindfulness and balance within body, mind and spirit. I am always interested in how others feel about the bodies they have. Care to share your perceptions about yours? Are you locked into the dieting mentality?  Do you dislike parts of your body or do you love and accept your uniqueness?  Have you made peace with the body you have?  For now, I embrace and love my body temple…how about you?

Butterflies are free as are we with spiritual metamorphasis

Hope, change and transformation

Butterflies Are Free


John Welcher

Innocent from the beginning, never knowing a hateful thought

slowly shedding their skin, a moment of wistful beauty is caught

escaping into subtle softness, as they prepare for first flight

naive notions of contentment, only a poetic glimpse of this sight

Random fluttering takes place, no apparent rhyme or a reason

searching longing for the right path, journeys into all of the seasons

meeting others of their kind, tho none seem to spark an interest

singular thoughts keeping apart, feelings of love still very listless

Traveling so very far, sharing their splendor with all that they meet

brief glances of their beauty, images that make us stop and think

wondering why they are there, wonderment of the time they have spent

knowing them only for that moment, their departure so very imminent

Maybe there is no explanation, their behavior just for them to realize

simple life for a simple creature, is plenty for them to memorize

timeless beings always in our hearts, forever there so the mind can see.



The Faces of Feminism today

Patriarchy creates stereotypical expectations for men and limit the ability to express the full range of human emotion.

Patriarchy creates stereotypical expectations for men and limit the ability to express the full range of human emotion.


Strong women walk their path in quietness, confidence and strength without guilt or justification.

Strong women walk their path in quietness, confidence and strength without guilt or justification.

Divine love from my Heart Flame and blesses all Life as it passes by.. ♥ ● ¸. ★ °:. *. Light ○ ° ★☾ . *:. *. ° ○ °.. *.☾° Divine Love *♥¸ . ☾ °☆. • * ¨ `* • Grace ¸. * ● ¸*♥¸ . ☾ °☆. • * ¨Glory `* •  ¸. * ● ¸*♥Beauty¸ . ☾ °☆. • * ¨ Victory `* •  ¸. * ● ¸

What do America Ferrera, Larry David, and Amy Brenneman have in common? They’re all proud to call themselves feminists.Celebrate Women’s History Month with them and other feminists by watching the special This Is What A Feminist Looks Like video.

Re-Post with 20 Curious Points about Cats and Dogs

Interesting bits and bites on cats.

Interesting bits and bites on cats.

Human food that is toxic to dogs.

Human food that is toxic to dogs.

Humanity is defined by the way animals are treated.

Humanity is defined by the way animals are treated.

Our pets are part of the family.

Our pets are part of the family.

My hubs David and I are animal lovers and we currently have 2 big dogs and 2 cats in our pet family. This article by Allison Ford is interesting and informative and I wanted to pass it along.

By Allison Ford, DivineCaroline

When it comes right down to it, how much do we really know about our beloved furry friends? We may know what kinds of treats they prefer, their favorite spot for an afternoon nap, and where they want us to scratch them, but many things about dogs and cats are still a mystery to their human companions. If we took just a bit more time getting to know about the bodies and minds of the pets that share our lives, we’d learn that they’re full of interesting surprises.

1. Cats are lactose intolerant. Like most mammals, cats lose the ability to digest dairy after infancy. Feeding milk to a cat can encourage stomach upset and diarrhea.

2. Dogs with “squashed” faces have more health problems. The structure of the faces of pugs, boxers, and bulldogs makes them more prone to respiratory problems, dental problems, and other health issues.

3. Cats are capable of about one hundred distinct vocalizations; dogs are capable of about ten.

4. All Dalmatians are born white. Their spots develop within the first few weeks of life.

5. Hunting is not an instinctive cat behavior. If a kitten doesn’t learn to hunt from its mother or other cats, it’s unlikely that it ever will.

6. A dog’s sense of smell is up to one hundred thousand times more sensitive than a human’s. While humans have about five million scent receptors in their noses, a bloodhound has up to three hundred million.

7. Domestic cats sleep an average of sixteen hours per day. In the wild, big cats that expend lots of energy hunting sleep even longer. Only sloths spend more of their lives asleep.

8. Dogs’ only sweat glands are between the pads of their feet. They dissipate the majority of their heat by panting, a method far more effective than allowing moisture to evaporate from the skin.

9. Cats are either lefties or righties. Psychologists at Queen’s University in Belfast discovered that female cats were more likely to favor their right paws, while male cats were more likely to favor their left. As with humans, some cats are ambidextrous, too.

10. Dogs are one of only two mammal species that have prostate glands. The other species is humans.

11. Calico cats are almost always female. The gene for coat color is sex-linked, so to express both orange and black coloring, the cat must have two copies of the X chromosome. Rarely, an abnormality produces a male cat with XXY chromosomes and calico coloring; these cats are always sterile.

12. Dogs aren’t really color-blind. They do see colors, just not as well as humans.

13. All kittens are born with blue eyes. They begin to change color about two weeks after their eyes open.

14. Dogs’ wet noses help them smell better. The mucus attracts and “catches” more chemical scent particles in the air.

15. Most blue-eyed white cats are born deaf—about 65 to 85 percent, says the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.

16. The only dog breed that doesn’t bark is the Basenji. However, Basenjis do make other noises, such as growls, whines, and even yodels.

17. Cats don’t meow at other cats. They reserve this sound for getting attention (not to mention food) from humans.

18. Dogs have no clavicles. Their disconnected shoulder blades allow them a greater range of motion for running and jumping.

19. When cats walk, their left front leg moves in tandem with their left back leg, and their right legs do the same. The only other animals that walk this way are giraffes and camels.

20. Domestic dogs can breed with wolves. The two animals are still related closely enough that they can mate, producing feral offspring.

21. The proper name for a group of cats is a clowder. A group of kittens is called a kindle.

22. It takes eighteen muscles to move a dog’s ear. This specificity of motion helps the dog pinpoint the origins of sounds much faster than a human can.

23. Both cats’ and dogs’ noses are unique, like human fingerprints. It’s becoming more and more common to take nose prints of dogs in case they’re ever lost or stolen.

If you go home to one of the seventy-seven million cats or fifty-five million dogs in the United States, take a minute to marvel at their quirks. Cats and dogs may seem uncomplicated when they’re chasing after a shoelace or stalking their own tail, but these animals are anything but simple.

For more information and pet tips check out the CD Creative Ventures Pinterest Board


Natural Flu and Cold Remedies


–By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

Previously published in the Aquarian newspaper and all rights are reserved.

During cold and flu season people are considering natural alternatives to heal and balance their systems. In my own healing journey and from working with clients in my life-coaching practice, we sugges a variety of self-health methods. My mentor, Dr. George Kroeker always stressed the importance of body balance.  Whenever illnessess occur, it is preferable  to use whole person healing applications  over external  symptom relief. system so it can heal itself.

Widespread outbreaks of influenza usually occur from October to March. Colds and flu germs are spread  by contact and exposure from  by  an infected person. Viruses can be a concern but the majority of people who come down with them recover within a week or two. The doctor I see says that although many believe in the efficacy of vaccines, they do not guarantee protection against the flu and sometimes cause more harm than good. This may be especially true this fall as rushed production allows less time for safety testing.

Whenever clients  at Fresh Beginnings call us and ask  for natural cold and flu options  we  caution them about self-medicating with over the counter medications. Many of the pills and hot lemon drinks contain the same active ingredients and can overload the system. It is advisable to consult a health practitioner before self-prescribing over-the-counter remedies. Given that there are no known cures for colds and viruses,  the first recommendation is to minimize exposure and strengthen your immunity as the best way to stay healthy. Here are some of my “perspectives” on healthy living and flu prevention:

The Basics

• Sleep as much as needed. The immune system functions much better with seven to nine hours sleep for optimal health. When the body is fatigued, it is less able to ward off viruses and infections.

• Exercise moderately on a regular basis.

• Avoid sugar. Even small amounts of sugar can impair immune function, leaving you more susceptible to the flu.

• During cold weather, indoor heating systems dry out the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. It is important to keep them well hydrated by drinking more water. Using indoor water fountains or other methods to improve humidity, especially in the bedrooms, makes sense.

• Germs and viruses enter through the eyes, nose, mouth and, possibly, ears. Therefore, it is  important to avoid exposure and wash hands  frequently. It’s also advisable to carry a hand sanitizer and use it after shaking hands or touching handles, payphones and doorknobs. A naturopath told me that coating the inside of the nostrils with sesame oil could help to prevent germs from entering the body.

• If you are sick, stay home to recover and to prevent spread to others. Muffle coughs and sneezes with the crook of the elbow rather than using bare hands or tissues. When tissues are used, dispose of them immediately and thoroughly sanitize the hands.

Giving the body time to heal is important and avoding contact with others prevents spreading whatever you have to others.

Giving the body time to heal is important and avoding contact with others prevents spreading whatever you have to others.

• Relax and maintain a positive attitude. Too much stress has a negative impact on health and mental well-being. Meditation and creative visualization  reduce stress and calm.

• Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol depletes B vitamins, impairs liver function and creates greater susceptibility to infections. You might want to add a B-vitamin supplement to your regime.

• Avoid smoking, including second-hand smoke. Cigarette smoke dries out the nasal passages and paralyzes the small hairs in the nose and lungs that help ward off viruses.

•Whenever possible take advantage of infrared or steam saunas. The air in saunas is too hot for viruses to survive; thus steam and infrared saunas cleanse the system and provide immune boosting effects. However, people with heart conditions should consult their health care practitioner before using any form of intense heat therapy.

•Essential oils and aromatherapy support body systems. Clove has antiseptic properties applying it  to the feet  provides a measure of protection.  Lavender is calming and uplifting. For more information on the efficacy of aromatherapy key word them and do an internet search.

Young Living is just one of many essential oil companies offering aromatherapy oils. Check the internet for other reputable sources and do your own research.

Young Living is just one of many essential oil companies offering aromatherapy oils. Check the internet for other reputable sources and do your own research.

During consultations with clients at Fresh Beginnings, we also suggest a variety of flu-fighting, immune-boosting, and nutrient rich foods such as:

• Dark green, red and yellow vegetables and fruits. These are packed with healthful nutrients.

• Fresh, raw or lightly cooked garlic has strong, natural antiviral properties.

• Green tea over black teas.

• Cayenne pepper is filled with vitamin A and acts as a catalyst for herbs and vitamins.

• If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it is advisable to supplement the diet with  yogurt or acidophilus capsules. It will replenish friendly bacteria in the bowel.  in the course of treatment.  It is particularly important when antibiotics are given for secondary bacterial infections.

• Echinacea is a popular cold and flu remedy especially if taken early, before symptoms worsen.

• Vitamin C and zinc lozenges beneficial, especially zinc gluconate and zinc acetate.

Colds are Another Matter

Although the common cold is usually milder than the flu, it is still worth looking after. If you ignore symptoms and try to keep going as usual, it can turn into a worse illness. If you have underlying medical problems, it’s especially important to pay attention. Here are more ideas for self-care:

• At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with ½ teaspoon salt in warm water.

• Saline nasal drops as well as steam inhalations with sage, chamomile leaves, menthol and eucalyptus can help clear sinuses.

• Whenever early symptoms of a cold or flu appear, put two tablespoons each of dried sage leaves and whole cloves in a large pot and make a tea. Sipping it can soothe the throat and help fight infections.

• Vapor rubs, hot water bottles and soaks in a warm tub with one to two cups of Epsom salts can provide steam to stuffed nasal passages and relief for sore aching muscles.

• Lozenges with menthol, eucalyptus, honey and lemon may soothe an irritated throat.

• Tissues with moisturizers can help prevent sore skin around the nose. Lip balm soothes chapped lips.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal remedies and acupuncture) can effectively bring the body back into balance.

• The following is a favorite  cold remedy of ours. It  provides immune boosting and cleansing properties.  If it is too strong,  dilute it or reduce ingredient portions in the next round.

4 C. water

2 T. fresh or ground ginger

½ t. cayenne

1 whole head of garlic

2 quartered lemons (wash first, rind on)

Maple syrup or honey to taste

Simmer 20 minutes. Add ½ cup of mixture to ½ cup warm water or to taste.

Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy is a freelance photojournalist, life coach, group leader and public speaker and can be contacted through the Fresh Beginnings website, or at the website for her book at


Sourcing out natural cold and flu remedies supports the body rather than masking symptoms.

Sourcing out natural cold and flu remedies supports the body rather than masking symptoms.

Video Sharing Insights About the Universe and Consciousness

If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.

~ Niels Bohr


Please share this video if the information resonates. Modern Science is now beginning to confirm what Spiritual teachers, Philosophers, Sages, Ancient Lessons and Psychedelics have been saying for millennia…that the entire Universe is One and what perceive as “reality” is an illusion. It presents the idea that the only “real” aspect of anything lies within the  Universe of Consciousness.

Embracing The Divine Feminine

IMG_4101 (2)goddess472GoddessPoem

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy

God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.

–Gloria Steinem

I started opening to Goddesses and energies within the Feminine Divine and their emerging presence in the mid eighties. This Blog post shares some of my insights in my soul path discoveries with Her in my spiritual and personl growth. Opening to Goddesses continues to assist me in walking my sacred path with ease, balance and flow. The bountiful blessings increase as my alignment with the Feminine Divine grows. Their gentle presence is very different from the dogma and patriarchy in my exposure to religion early life where God was the only choice in searching for a connection to Infinite Souce. At this stage I believe male and female Deities are equal with different attributes.

To keep the channels open, my day begins daily self-care practices. Journaling my path with Goddesses is one of the ways I enhance my commitment to shining with divine feminine radiance. Expressing the Feminine Divine enhances intuition, feeling into things, nurturing plus receiving. Comparatively, the masculine is action orientated, logical and analytical. I use the feminine to perceive needs then balance that with the masculine action to outwardly direct my intentions and create the best life possible at any age and stage.

As I focus on the Divine Feminine Her gentle guidance assists me in getting out of the way so it is easier “allow”the flow of Source-centred energy.There are three practices that support this intent. Journaling is one, as is sensual joy in how I dress, walk, dance and move. There arealters throughout our home with Feminine Dieties. Their visible presence are reminders of their special attribues. Pleasure and sensual enjoyment with David keep the my body, mind and spirit in alignment to the Divine Feminine. Reading books and using Goddess oracles inspire and continue to raise the energetic frequency.

Journaling and oracles focuses attentioin on desires and our larger life purpose. While journaling I energetically align to the blocks that keep me stagnant and removed from the flow of life. Diarizing thoughts, feelings and spiritual epiphanies are part of my gratitude practices. In this way I remain thankful and aware of the manifestation process in action and how my desires are being fullfilled. It is a direct communion with the Divine and makes the rest of my day holy and scared.

Within these precious moments I discovered that one cannot be impatient with the Divine Feminine. She is all thing and exists outside of time. Her presence is felt when She is ready and not before. Once we begin to open the channels she hears and feels the love and respect, nourishment and support. As the connection grows she offers that back…and so much more. In my experience the alters, oracles and offerings draw Her closer and augments the energy exchanges.

There is no ceiling to the love and support Goddesses provide to those who embrace her. My husband David is open to the Feminine Divine within his spiritual beliefs we both feel the balancing effect. Holding the masculine and feminine within assists us in expressing the full range of human emotions without gender stereotyping.

The feminine IS the core of creation that is LOVE. She and the Great Mother are one and the same. Every woman instinctively knows that she is at the center of thegreat mystery of bringing life into the world and how there is a sacred transformation of light into matter. Every woman intuitively knows that nothing can be born without the feminine.

The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without Her presence. With our Celtic roots we have an affinity wih Goddesses and their Divine roles. With many religions the dogma was written by men and the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and mass thinking. The feminine represents the felt and unseen and nurtures and opens hearts and minds through greater intuition. It also encourages heart-centered living and loving through compassionate sight.

My feminine practices support me in being the juicy, delicious, vibrant women that I am. What new practices can you bring in that will support your transformation and personal empowerment? As we allow the feminine influences in we are more able to become the butterflies in transformation that we already are. Emerging, growing, changing while revealling our true colours from the inside out. Genunine, open and free to fly ever higher and stronger with our own wings.

The simplest and most basic meaning of the symbol of the Goddess is the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of female power as a beneficent and independent power.
–Carol P. Christ

For more information about Goddesses and the Feminine Divine check out our Blog:
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This is a video David and I created to illustrate the role of the Feminine Godhead and female deities. With a respect for diversity embracing the Feminine Divine provides another perspective to soul growth.

How Better Sleep Can Help Improve Your Exercise Efficiency

Healthy and strong as I age.

Healthy and strong as I age.

How Better Sleep Can Help Improve Your Exercise Efficiency.

Basic Statistics

Experts tell us that to improve athletic performance, sleep is one of the most critical components. The Better Sleep Council did a national survey in 2008 and found the following trends:

Getting nine hours of sleep each night means the better chance of performing higher-intensity workouts.
70 percent of people do not get adequate amounts of sleep every night so they are not able to perform at their best.
One of every three people surveyed feel that quality sleep is critical to improving physical performance.
Sleeping longer leads to faster sprint times, lower heart rate, more energy when working out, better endurance and improved mood.
When you are sleeping, your body is producing human growth hormone. This hormone is necessary for your muscles to repair themselves and grow. This is important for everyone, but especially athletes who work hard to improve endurance, speed and strength so that they can excel in their sport.

As you sleep, your body is working to improve muscle memory, your reaction time and your energy and motivation. Muscle memory is important to do the different things you do everyday. This, of course, includes exercise, but it also includes basic things like hauling in the groceries, playing with the kids and running up and down the stairs.

How Much Sleep do I Need?

The old adage about eight hours a night is true. 7.5 to 9 hours a night is what adults should be aiming for to help ensure that their body is properly rested and repaired. It is estimated that those that are very active, such as athletes, should actually add an hour to this estimation every night to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. This extra 60 minutes can give you that extra edge that you need to take your game or workout to the next level.

Exercise Timing

Sleep does help, but you want to make sure that you are fully awake before exercising to get the full benefits. It is best to exercise between 5pm and 7pm. This is a time where you are most alert and it will not affect your circadian rhythm. This is good news for those who work a traditional job because you can get your workout in after work.

You want to avoid morning workouts because your body is still adjusting to being awake. For example, you are warming up because your body temperature lowers as you sleep and takes a while to return to normal after waking up. If you wake up and then hop on the treadmill, for example, you risk overheating and exhaustion.

On this same note, you want to avoid working out late at night because it can affect your body cooling down and getting ready for bed. If you exercise too close to bed time, you risk actually interfering with your sleep because you are essentially telling your body to stay awake.


About The Author: Brandon Travis works in the health and wellness field. He writes about sleep quality and snoring cures which help people realize a better nights rest. When he isn’t working he likes to spend time with his 2 sons teaching them about the great outdoors.

Attitude of Gratitude Journals

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude assists us in seeing the good in all things.

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude assists us in seeing the good in all things.

By Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy


My mother was a great role model and throughout life, her attitude of gratitude became an inspiration to me. She also encouraged me to write my thoughts, feelings and ideas in journals. Having a gratitude journal is something I continue to this day/. They are a constant reminder about the simple, abundant blessings that come our way every day.

Rather than taking them for granted during the fast pace of modern life my attitude of gratitude journals keep me mindful…and grateful for bountiful blessings. They are also an inspiration during challenging times.  With daily entries about what IS working over what feels daunting it is easier to cope. I believe hope whispers during the times we are tempted to give up or give in. With an attitude of gratitude, it is easier to remember that every stage of life has a beginning, middle and end and difficult passages do as well.

After my mother died with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2005, I am grateful for the gift of breath. As long as there is life and breathe…there is hope. When I had knee and hips problems a few years ago, I put on weight and could not maintain fitness levels.  I applied a number of complimentary healing systems lost 40 pounds and got in shape.  The regime assisted me in a lifestyle where I now feel fit and fabulous as I age. The ability to maintain an active lifestyle is something I regularly add to my gratitude journal. A friend of ours lost her ability to taste and smell after a childhood disease and the ability to savor nourishing food is another daily blessing.

Sight and sound…what would life be like without them is a question I ask. I am thankful for those senses.  They are gifts that keep on giving. I often consider the challenges many face when their eyesight or hearing is impaired. 

Now I include being married to my best friend, doing meaningful work that we both enjoy and being self-employed in my gratitude entries.  I am also grateful for the rural community we live in, our home, pets, and friends on and off-line.  In a world filled with tragedy, loss, upheaval and suffering I am always happy and grateful to read or hear about everyday heroes making a positive difference for those in need.  They are reminders that even in the face of war, hate, violence, fear and instability there are many who continue to work towards peace and provide love and light within the shadows of uncertainty.

In our group and private life coaching sessions, we encourage clients to create gratitude journals. It is a proven method and assists in developing awareness about the blessings many of us enjoy.  The ability to maintain a positive focus creates positive energy and attracts more of what we hope to manifest while making the journey to the destination pleasurable and fulfilling.  

Butterflies as Messengers

This photo is the last one of my mother. Her birthday was Christmas Day and David and I had picked her up from the personal care home she was in to take her our for dinner. We put her in front of the angel/butterfly lights to serve as a reminder to us that her time was near and she would be getting her wings in the not too distant future. She passed away just over four months later on April 20, 2005.

When we were packing her things to remove them from Riverview Personal Care Home I found this poem. It brought tears and a flood of mixed emotions. Within my grief it felt like a message to Mom’s loved ones that she had safely made her transition to another realm and is flying free with her own wings.

She raised me with a love for butterflies as a spiritual metaphor for humanity’s various stages of development throughout life. There are many periods where we cocoon before our emergence into each phase of enlightenment and heightened awareness. This love of butterflies is the reason we chose them as he logo for my book I’ve Been There…A Testimony of Hope ( and our personal devellopment company. As has been said about butterflies…just when the caterpillar’s life is over…it becomes a butterfly.

Mom and her wings


–Author unknown

 If anyone desires a wish to come true

whisper it to a butterfly.

Butterflies do not make any

sounds and cannot tell–

anyone but Great Spirit.

 By making a wish

then releasing it to the butterfly–

on gentle wings

the wish will be carried

to the heavens—then granted.

For butterflies

are the living messengers

of  Great Spirit.